Nucor Building Systems

Providing High Quality Custom Metal Buildings

Nucor Building Systems has been an industry frontrunner since 1987, with a continued success that can be attributed to their focus on providing the most ideal custom solutions that utilize the newest advancements in engineering.

With a quarter-century of business under their belt, you can rest assured that if you ever need Nucor- to warranty parts or to expand your building – they will still be in business and eager to serve you.

Employing the Latest in Cutting-Edge Engineering Knowledge

Nucor Building Systems employs the latest in today’s engineering technology.

With a full staff of in-house engineers and detailing personnel, you receive prompt, expert advice on any design or construction need. The team has extensive experience in all applications of our structures; our customers benefit from knowledge of best practices and the recommendations of our professional engineers.

Nucor holds a variety of accreditation & certifications, including:
The licensed professional engineers hold memberships in a variety of associations, including:
Get Your New Building in Less Time

Nucor Building Systems design custom-engineered buildings for faster, easier construction. You spend less time anxiously waiting, and you save money on labour costs of building erection.

The Most Cost Effective Custom Solutions

You can also choose from a number of different options that require less material and lower in-place costs, if your budget is tight. Not only are these buildings affordable when compared with traditional construction, they are also competitively priced when compared with steel structures from competing companies.

Steel Buildings that Offer the Aesthetic of Traditional Constructions

A metal structure does not have to be cold and bland. Nucor’s custom design options allow you the freedom to combine steel construction with other materials, creating a more inviting and attractive façade.

Choose storefront glass, masonry, and more to create a warm, welcoming building for your business or personal use.

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