Roof Systems

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Durable And Weather-Tight

Get reliable, weatherproof standing seam metal roof systems for your steel building.

When you’re investing in a structure to protect your equipment, merchandise, or personal belongings- preventing leaks is critical. To confirm performance and weather tightness, all of the systems we provide you are tested in both real life and in laboratory conditions.

You can feel confident in your Nucor building.

Nucor CFR

The Nucor CFR is a roof system that uses our patented clip technology. Its unique suspension design allows for expansion and contraction due to temperature variances- preventing potential disaster.

This style is specifically suited to accommodate low-slope structures.

Nucor Classic Roof

This Classic Roof has been an industry-standard product for many years- it is reliable and affordable. It can be used on structures with roof slopes of ½:12” and greater, with fiberglass batt insulation up to 6 inches thick.

Rely on this long-trusted design to keep your belongings dry; it is thoroughly tested and remains weather-resistant under any condition.

Choose from 16 standard colors as well as Galvalume® finish, which is guaranteed under a 25-year warranty. Custom colors and 24 gages are available on special request.

Nucor VR16 II

The Nucor VR16 II is a vertical rib system perfect for buildings with hips and valleys. Available in Galvalume® and PVDF finish, it provides an attractive as well and reliable weather-resistant option.

Panel installation with our patented concealed fastener clips allows for movement due to temperature variances.

Nucor High Rib Profile HR3

Energy-efficient as well as cost-effective, the HR3 roof panels were constructed with field assembled applications in mind. The panel overlapping joint self-aligns and makes sealant application simple.

Standing Seam Roof Profile SR2
Perfect for field assembled standing seam roof applications, the SR2 panels install easily and quickly. This roofing system delivers a high Thermal-R value for your facility.
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