Custom-Designed Buildings

Steel Building Designs Created Custom for Your Use

Take advantage of affordable steel building design that allows you to create a structure that meets all your functional and aesthetic requirements. Instead of trying to make a prefab design work, get exactly the specifications and functional requirements you need.

Although custom often means expensive, you might be surprised by the budget-friendly pricing we offer.

Choose from a variety of options and features to design the right building for your business, and enjoy the confidence that your investment will be long-lasting, thanks to the strength and durability of steel.

Steel Provides a Strong and Reliable Option for your Building Needs

Want a structure that has longevity, without spending a fortune? Choose steel.

Because every building we design and build follows the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) guidelines & the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute guidelines you’re guaranteed a building that is both structurally sound and durable.

Our structures cost considerably less than traditional construction of the same size & function- so you can invest the savings back into your growing business.

Applying the Latest In Today’s Engineering Science

All our steel buildings are designed and certified by professional engineers.

Employing the latest in technological advances, our engineers design your steel structure to be strong, flexible and attractive. You take pride in knowing your building is of state-of-the-art construction.

Addressing Your Individual Concerns

Rely on us to provide you a custom solution – we have almost two decades worth of experience designing and building steel structures. We are familiar with the requirements and considerations for buildings across a wide variety of uses, and can address just about any concern your business has.

Visit our Steel Buildings for Every Need page to discover the kinds of structures we can deliver. Or Contact us today for a consultation.

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