Rigid Frame Buildings

Custom Steel Buildings Competitively Priced With Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefab steel buildings often require you to squeeze into a size that’s just not right, work around columns & pillars or even tolerate less-than-ideal entryways.

Our custom rigid frame structures give you expansive pillar-free space, designed to your precise specifications. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when you can have a competitively priced, custom-tailored design.

Wide-Open Interior Space at a Low Cost Per Square Foot

Eliminate the wasted space found in domed designs with our cutting-edge rigid frame technology. You can have a building as wide as 220ft without compromising design requirements or dealing with obstructions.

These structures offer extremely high strength, durability and longevity at the lowest cost when compared with other construction options.

It is a smart investment that will be of use for many years.

Flexible Design Options for Complete Customization

With rigid frame structures you are not locked into just one specific style. We design our steel buildings to be flexible in design to meet all your specific and unique requirements.

You can choose to incorporate a variety of options to meet your structure requirements. HVAC, wiring and sprinkler systems can all be included in your new rigid frame building.

Make Your Custom Solution at Prefab Steel Building Pricing

Contact us today for a consultation. With no obligation, our expert team will help you evaluate your needs, and provide you with a diagram and estimate with minimal waiting time.

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